What do you do when you get home from your job? Studies have shown that more than half of the Americas population (is) dissatisfied with their jobs. Chances are most people reading this aren't turned on by their job either or you might fake like your job because it pays the bills. This might be why we have empathy for the people who want to just quit life because they are convinced that life truly sucks. Think about it, we spend the majority of our life at a job that we hate, under appreciated for our efforts, underpaid and are supposed to believe we're living the "American Dream". The timeline of employment consist of going to school, getting a degree, getting a job with benefits, paying bills and then we die; sounds pretty lame. We are constantly being programmed to work for somebody else. Deployment is when you manifest what is inside of you and serve it to the world. You become your own boss, and all responsibility falls on you. What they won't tell us is that we can be employed and deployed at the same time; getting paid from the job we hate then coming home and working on our purpose. But we can't deploy ourselves if we don't make time for it. The question is what do we do when we get home from our job? Are we watching Netflix, are we on the phone, hanging out with our friends, or are we working another job that we hate and are too tired to do what we're passionate about. One of the principles the Kingdom teaches is to go to our job, secure the bag then get home and work on something that involves our purpose by using our gifts because we don't know which will succeed or if both will do equally well.